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Welcome to Panama Connection Real Estate's rental listing service. Our specialized tenant/landlord matching service is available to both For-Rent-By-Owner homeowners and real estate agents alike. This means we are able to help you whether you wish to either list or find a property!

Homeowners - A Word On Renting Your Property

More homeowners are renting out their properties, whether to allow them to move without selling or to try and make ends meet. The high cost of moving, the property slump, recession and the buy-to-let phenomenon have all contributed to more and more homeowners considering letting out their home rather than selling it.

If you have found yourself in the position of 'accidental landlord', take a look at these crucial points that you must consider.

Work Out Your Costs and Rental Management Yourself

Before deciding to rent out your home you will need to make sure the plan works financially. Firstly, you need to know how much you can rent your home for and how this compares to your other costs and mortgage payments Property Management

Get to know the local market and see what similar properties are asking in rental. Having done this, invite three rental agents round to assess your property and give you an estimate of the rent you could receive. This will give you a broad base to work out the rent you can expect from and carries no obligation to go with that agent.

Once you have an estimated monthly rent, compare this to your mortgage costs and other costs. Take into account any rental commission taken by an agent, your monthly mortgage payments and also the cost of maintaining the property, as you will be responsible for repairs and maintenance etc. Bear in mind that by renting out your home and moving to another you will be maintaining two houses, although your new tenants will pay utility and council tax bills.

Appoint An Agent Who Will Find Your Rental Tenants For You

When choosing an agent experience and reputation is vital. It doesn't have to be a big firm - small independent letting agents like us, with years of experience will go the extra mile for you.

Our complementary marketing skills will help you to source vacation and long-term renters from across the world. We constantly market across the country, as well as through many video-sharing sites, personal websites, and social networks online, and we use these outlets to vigorously market your property to potential buyers and/or renters.


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